Three Oranges by Joel Doonan

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Three Oranges by Joel Doonan

This was a thoroughly enjoyable story, with touches of humour, adventure and mysticism. The paragraph near the end that explains the workings of the air ship's engines seemed rather out of place and unnecessary, but on the whole a satisfying tale.
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Re: Three Oranges by Joel Doonan

Some really lovely imagery. The race storyline was great. Very interesting to read. However, I kept waiting for the real story to start.

When things kick off, the main character is in a dream where he needs to see more. "Always more." were the words used. To me, that said this story was about the hero (was he ever named?) fulfilling his need to always see more. To be satisfied at last, and not seek continued experience or visions.

However, I didn't sense that the hero ever got that. True, he was looking forward to going back to school and writing the adventure up in a journal, but not that he wouldn't go out seeking more. From that perspective, this story failed to reach it's goal, at least as I saw it. The character didn't achieve growth, or complete his arc.

I would have thought his growth is what he would have striven for with the journey as the backdrop, and that would be the real story, rather than just the tale of the journey itself. That is, unless I missed it.

Still, lovely imagery. Kudos on that.

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Post January 30, 2008, 08:10:24 AM

Re: Three Oranges by Joel Doonan

I liked the idea of a boatrace across the desert - and how it worked as well. The imagery was amazing (I could almost see the boats skimming across the sand, hissing slightly as they went, leaving nothing but a slight furrow behind them), and the continual reappearance of three oranges added a bit of interest - after a bit I was looking out for the next three oranges to turn up. I was almost expecting the total number of orange crates to be 243 or 729 (powers of three) but the 315 - starting with a three, factorisable into 3, 3, 35 - seemed to fit the theme nicely as well.

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