Interdimensional Visitors

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Interdimensional Visitors

The usual difficulty with haiku is delivering enough meaning in so few syllables. Somehow though, this really captures the feeling of something flickering in from elsewhere.
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Re: Interdimensional Visitors

Thanks, Stu!

The fact that I got that idea to work in only seventeen syllables means that this scifaiku actually worked.

I did take one liberty with standard scifaiku by giving this one a title. They aren't really supposed to have titles, but I needed some way to keep all my scifaiku and horrorku straight.

The hardest part with titling them is to give them a title that won't ruin the "ah-ha" effect. I hope, in this instance, the title added to that moment.
"I'm going to do what the warriors of old did. I'm going to recite poetry!"

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