Post May 31, 2004, 11:51:50 AM

Of Kings and Thrones by G. Thompson

... I dunno. The dialogue in this story felt a bit over the top to me (and I should know, as I've written worse over the years), and the King's actions made no sense. If there was no mechanism for abdication, he could have simply committed suicide (as he seems to have done?) or dressed in commoner's clothes and disappeared. Why start a war? Was he trying to induce Thomas or Cravis to assassinate him? By acting as he does, the King not only escapes from his responsibilities, he effectively screws Cravis out of the throne as Thomas takes over. Unless he wanted Cravis to be free of the throne as well??<br><br>(Mr. Thompson is now invited to savagely deconstruct my stories. I'll take ANY comments I can get. I have no shame.)
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