Another Great Discovery by Daniel Sosa

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Another Great Discovery by Daniel Sosa

This was a fun one, a look at humanity (after its apparent demise) by a completely alien species.  It reminded me a bit of Hal Clement's Iceworld, among other things, although in this case the contrast between the aliens (apparently supersized protozoa, reproducing through mitosis, communicating through telepathy?) and the humans is much more extreme.<br><br>The aliens' technology is apparently very advanced (a detour to another star system would take only ten seconds?) ... their species has survived the tricky stage of having the technological capability to wipe themselves out and moved on, and on, and on.<br><br>Overall, the science in this story qualifies as 'firm', if not 'hard', with astronomical and biological terminology used correctly (I think) ...<br><br>Quibbles:  a few jarring typos or misspelled words ("college" for "colleague"; "represent" for "repressant", which should probably have been "suppressant", anyway); a few grammatical errors; the bizarre use of names that seem remarkably human (Georgio and Nick???).<br><br>No doubt Mr. Sosa will go on to produce even more entertaining work in the future.
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Re: Another Great Discovery by Daniel Sosa

<br>This brings up the question, if Dan will allow writers to<br>make such corrections as have been posted here... <br>Yes I know few people go too deep into the archives, <br>but it would be nice to know that Posterity is correct. <br><br>And We have been clamoring for a posting system that isn't tied to the magazines... Note that no one has worked on april since the may issue. I for one would fear comments would be buried. <br><br>--TaoPhoenix


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Post September 01, 2008, 11:57:04 PM

There are lots of great lines in this story, my favorite has to be referring to TV shows as "light stories"! I loved the pun.
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