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Bug By Coffee Anderson

It's interesting to think how, with modern or mildly futuristic communication technology, how many people are involved in a simple transaction...

...and how many are directly involved in a complex one.

I also like the way it shows how a great variety of people will do all that they can to help a stranger, especially a small child; although the political situation is difficult, with cash being worthless or nearly so, and terrorist groups having bioweapons that modify themselves, and enough power to seriously scare doctors to the point where they won't help save someone for fear of their own lives... that even in that apocalyptic scenario, when only silver, gold and platinum have value, even then people will give of themselves to help a stranger in need... I like the optimism with regard to human nature in that sense.

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Re: Bug By Coffee Anderson

A good opening that started off the story in a sincere direction. I fell into the story after the first few sentences and liked the settings. Buckets and all the other characters came alive, and the story continued with interest.

A British accent in the City State of Las Vegas, gave a moderate impression that things were not as they once were in America, or the world!

Some parts were confusing with wrong word choices--some I think to emphasize, but none too far out.

The technical info dump had a purpose:The author broke away from the main plot and added sub-themes to show how a future world might function.

Financial concerns were explored and a look into future companies---one controlled by an ex-gang member with an MBA--were also developed along future possibilities. I usually don’t like info dump, but in this story it worked for the most part.

Instead of using a block style to shift attention such as the one titled ’Ysoi’ I would have integrated them into the flow of the story. But that is only a moot point and a preference of style to me.  I did like ‘Casablanca’ for the reference to romance by bringing up the old Humphrey Bogart movie!

One point: More showing and less telling, and some more sensory inputs would have added much to this story, but the story did have some.

A very interesting story with many themes.

Not bad!!!!  
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