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Family Values by Sheri Downing

Hmm. Apparently the intersection of Aphelion readership with the fans of Anita Blake, Rachel Morgan, "Charmed", Sookie Stackhouse, et al., is a null set...

As a side note, this story was originally titled "Family Recipes" (which sort of makes sense, given the use of potions, except not all the spells used involved mixing of ingredients). Since it wasn't that long ago that we ran "Family Recipe" (my horror in a high rise piece), I selfishly replaced that title with the (too generic?) "Family Values" (referring to the family's insistence that use of magic to harm others was forbidden -- although using magic for personal gain was not).

If you've ever wondered why your luck seemed to have turned bad just when someone else began to prosper, you should read this story. Then inscribe a circle around your desk and sprinkle rock salt (the Winchester boys' supernatural cure-all) around it, bend over, place your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye. (No, wait, that's the procedure in case of nuclear attack, asteroid / comet impacts, and miscellaneous Extinction Level Events).

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