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Chef by Coffee Anderson

PostPosted: August 10, 2007, 08:37:17 AM
by GDJ
This is a very intense story with a well-developed character and interesting setting.  I found myself completely caught up in his plot to escape and reading faster and faster as the end neared.  A very good job, I thought.  One comment form me, and there always has to be something, is on the rather unnecessary dictionary definitions interjected in the story.  I read lots of SF that's full of new and unique terminology; there's no need to stop and explain it - that just ruins the flow of the story.  The definitions at the end were useful though - translations of Spanish words, but not in the middle of the story.  Only Jack Vance can get away with that.


Re: Chef by Coffee Anderson

PostPosted: August 10, 2007, 10:21:02 AM
by Robert_Moriyama
Actually, I moved a couple of the more obtrusive ones to the end. I think Coffee was emulating authors who throw in "news clippings", dictionary definitions, etc. (viz. John Brunner in "Stand on Zanzibar", Frank Herbert in "Dune", et al.), trying to make sure that the readers understood the implications of insults and other unique language...