Post June 12, 2005, 08:53:57 PM

Holes in the Sky by Vera Searles

Whew! I can still get this under the wire...<br><br>As I saw it, this was a story of a mother and child trying to escape from their world's conquerors by slipping into a successive line of alternate realities. During one of the jumps, the child gets separated from her, and she has to keep jumping until she can find him. <br><br>That is, if it was in fact the same woman each time they jumped, and not the one from that reality.<br><br>That is, unless the whole thing was an illusion, which is possible, since her captors regularly reshaped the appearance of the world around their prisoners.<br><br><br>Frankly, I had a hard time keeping up. <br><br>I think my difficulty was not rooted in the constant switching of realities, but instead in the fact that the characters identities did not seem to be solidly established in the "real world" before they jumped into the beyond. I didn't know who Jaybo was, really, before they jumped, so I didn't know how to recognize him when she found one. I think I learned more about Keesha's character as the jumps progressed, but in the back of my mind, I couldn't help but wonder if this was a different woman each time.<br><br>I don't know if I would be willing to jump with my son, knowing that inventing the jump killed my spouse. What if that happened to my son? I guess I could have swallowed this a little better if we could have seen her try to escape in some other ways first, to help me understand that this really was the only choice left to them. I mean, maybe I missed it, but why couldn't they get into someone else's bubble?<br><br>Another bit that bothered things for me was the holes eating the sky, wiping out the world around their bubble. This is a very unreal setting to begin with, so when it was sucked out into nothingness, the jumps seemed easy to do, and maybe something that was illusion, too.<br><br>And this is the part where I barely hang on--to get away, she just jumped back to the beginning and started over?? Why would it work now. I was confused.<br><br>I assume the gigantic "end" type was a glitch in the coding, or was it a statement?<br><br>Perhaps I missed the boat on this one. Can anyone else explain it better?<br><br>Nate
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