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A Touch of Reality: Jean Jones' Poem

PostPosted: July 11, 2019, 01:29:07 PM
by starsurfer
I know we, in this community, live on the edges of fiction/reality and present/future and fact/speculation and that we can create powerful works that pull from both sides of any of these dichotomies. In Jean Jones' poem, For Jeff on the Future, a statistic is included that in and of itself is powerful; but then, when it interweaves into the speculation of the narrator, a simple fact starts to take on a personality and drive of its own. This is one of those poems that will linger on this reader's mind for quite some time . . . because of the craft and musings of its poet.

Re: A Touch of Reality: Jean Jones' Poem

PostPosted: July 14, 2019, 04:02:54 PM
by rick tornello
A gun is messy and is not fair to the others that one may leave behind to clean up the physical and financial messes. If one decides to terminate, do it cleanly, make sure you house is in order, and take the dammed pills.
I've dealt with this issue as a child and family. And because of that, I've thought about it and considered other then for selfish reasons the whys and wherefores all my life.

That the author considers life worth living, great. Now get on with it. Go have a drink. Have some good sex with your partner and write more good poems.