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The Adventures of Prince Woden by Joe Vadalma

This is properly read as a fairy tale in the satirical vein. It plays off the stereotypes of knights, witches, and mythological beasts. The narrative style is kept simplistic to fit with the fairy tale theme. One shouldn't expect any character development in this one.<br><br>Woden and Noise are likeable, in a good ol' boy sort of way. They are on a hunting trip to impress the ladies. There really wasn't much difference between the two characters. One was a prince, the other a knight. The witches were also similar to each other. Removing one of the men and/or one of the women would not have made much of a difference.<br><br>The style was a bit too plain for my tastes, although others may disagree. The characters are shallow, but then again, that's the whole point.
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