Devlin and the Robot Assassin by arnold Emmanuel

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Re: Devlin and the Robot Assassin by arnold Emmanu

The old story about an android and a human. But, a story such as this one can open-up the writer and let him/her experiment and practice. <br><br>The writer was after a "dialogue" that told all and I think the writer did a good job in many areas.<br><br>The tie, the pushing, and the elevator coupled with the kids in a cafeteria that suggests laughter, gave a good felling of motion through-out the story. <br><br>The writer might have tried too hard with the dialogue and sometimes I got confused ( Of course I read this story after doing two shifts at work! ) with some of the dialogue, but I believe the writer has real talent with the use of dialogue. A little polishing and this writer will be able to tell a story using dialogue that transmits sensory details as a vivid picture to his plot! And the reader will feel as if he/she is present when the chararcters speak! Good job!!<br><br>P.S. I was very tired when I read this story so I might have missed some other points.<br>
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Re: Devlin and the Robot Assassin by arnold Emmanu

i have to agree with the above coments...the dialogue is really good and honestly really captures how teens talk to each other...but it just reminded me to much of a Sci-Fi episode of Veronica Mars for my taste...every thing ends happy and nice.<br><br>Really well written though...
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Re: Devlin and the Robot Assassin by arnold Emmanu

...I didn't quite get Devlin's decision to let the assassin run free. If it emerged from her characterization, I missed it. She came across as cavalier about the assignment and ended up easily duped. Only to be rescued by apparent goofball Yari. Perhaps this was the intent of the author...

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<br><br>Hmm.  IMO, Devlin sympathized with the robot's desire for an independent 'life', free of the expectations of those who controlled her -- er, it.  As a teenager herself, she identied with the robot's wish to be free ...  This in spite of the fact that Devlin herself seemed almost to be in charge of Yari, instead of the other way around.<br><br>Devlin learned the hard way that she was not as wise as she thought she was -- in projecting her own feelings onto the robot assassin, she failed to realize that the robot was a killer by nature, and would continue to kill to protect itself or to obtain something it wants (a new identity, for example).  Further Devlin stories (if Mr. Emmanuel plans to write any) would presumably allow Devlin to 'grow up', acknowledge her limitations, etc.  (Kinda like 'Veronica Mars', which is a pretty good show, by the way.)<br><br>Robert M.
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