World Without End, Amen by Derek Davis

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Re: World Without End, Amen by Derek Davis

Picture yourself on a boat in a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade -- oops, wrong image. Picture yourself standing between two mirrors, with your reflections receding to infinity in both directions. Now suppose you are somehow able to see each reflection in full detail -- and notice that the 947th iteration on the left side is picking its nose.<br><br>At this point, you would conclude that SOMEBODY is messin' wit' chu. In Michael's case, that somebody (he presumes) must be God. Perhaps the message here is that Michael missed the point of the manifestation ... and only realized his mistake at the end.<br><br>Harlan Ellison (in one of his stories -- can't remember which one) said that all gods are mad. Certainly, from the human perspective, they must seem so. From God's perspective, on the other hand, MICHAEL must have seemed insanely obsessive.<br><br>Bruce Lee (or rather the character he portrayed in 'Enter the Dragon') told his student that he was overthinking his movements. "It is like a finger pointing at the moon ... concentrate on the finger, and you will miss all that heavenly glory!" Michael spent his life trying to count the pores on the finger.<br><br>Thus undeth the lesson. There will be a test.<br><br>Robert M.
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Re: World Without End, Amen by Derek Davis

I like the zen like ending as well. It is almost like "God" telling him that the path isn't through finding out the "answer", the path is just accepting what is.<br><br>I love the way this is written, the prose is beautiful and descriptive in just the right amount. I also like that it has a little more to give that just being a story, it is a little food for thought too.<br><br>Well done.<br><br>Gabriel
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