Post January 03, 2019, 06:02:45 PM

Hell opened up, response

Trump et. alia

By, RdotTornello & The Village idiot Press © 2018

Keep your souls, I want them not.
Greater value is in my bet
Giving you to your desires
Through and through by far
To the millions who by the cause of your rise
To the levels of hate and deceit
Pent up over the years from those I have yet to make my own.
But through you,
An opportunities’ wide window open
But through you,
Like lambs to slaughter
Sheep to be led shorn of all and bled.
Oh such a gift to me?
Keep your souls they mean nothing to me.
The interest payment will be more,
More than you could ever realize
In gold or suffering, a family thing
if you will it to me.
Keep your souls.
The coil’s trap, a whole nation
Whose banner they proudly claim
Under to fall to you and your baseless call
Keep your souls
The interest is worth it all
The greed to which most will fall
Trashing ignoring the papers which established it all
So unique.
The Janus faced ones, a congress of fools
declaring one but to the opposite, their conduct
visible, not even hidden and blind eyed all
to greed and all power hungry drunk.

When a raft is punted to the other shore
And it’s task completed, is it not abandoned?
Keep your souls.