August Farewell

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August Farewell

September is just around the corner and soon, if history is any guide, this issue will disappear from view, but it will not be lost. Thanks to the new upgraded Archives, this august issue will remain in a spectral form, as I have just discovered this very day.

Visitors from the future to this forum, if they find themselves intrigued by something they read here, may visit the Archives where there is a link to "Back Issues." If they follow that link, they will find a list of all back issues with links to indexes that allow them to access the content from those issues. The original covers are not there, but the stories are.

The very early issues of Aphelion are preserved in a a more complete form. By scrolling through 1998, I discovered that it was just twenty years ago my own name appeared on the masthead for the first time as "assistant editor," a position I apparently held very briefly before being reassigned as "short story editor" and began my seven years of hard labor.

My relationships with authors were sometimes contentious and I have great admiration for those dedicated individuals who succeeded me in that position. To those authors I may have offended, I offer this advice from Mark Twain: "Never shoot an editor. You might miss and hit a publisher."

The link to the old wave file is there, but alas it is broken. Surely Dan still has it tucked away somewhere on an old hard drive. Memories fade with time, but I can almost hear that faky computer generated voice saying something like "The data you requested is now available."
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Re: August Farewell

The reason that the cover art starts long after the founding of Aphelion is that back in the day, we didn't have cover art. That had to wait until the 1st incarnation of the Aphelion Staff came into being. Rob Wynne started the tradition of having cover art shortly after that. I've done a few, myself, when Rob was on vacation, Bill Warren and other artists submitted a few, and Nate took up the mantle later on--continuing to this day. If I configured the Back Issue Archives individual pages correctly, every cover should be available in the last link on each back issue's page. Now that I am flipping the new issues, I include each new issue to the Archives as I upload them to the main site.

But besides the Back Issues archive, Iain has updated and keeps current the newest iteration of the Author Index, begun by Rob, continued by Tao Phoenix, and now the domain of Iain.

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