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Dan's Forum-Editorial

First of all, sometimes it's useful to echo a powerful Forum post into the Editorial spotlight!

I am learning much about the nature of "Write What You Know, and Powerful Source Material happening to you can be difficult to manage around the edges!"

So I am about to exit from most of the Orthodox Therapy system because I think that, using one of the politer designations, "a Writer's struggles are nearly incomprehensible to most harried and overworked workers trained in This Generation's Behavoral Traditions."

After all, what is writing!? (I'll leave which of the big philosophy words go here to a better expert than i!)

"He sat in his studio, or under a tree, or in his Lair, and pondered, or communed with deities nearly forgotten and certainly rarely worshipped, or rode a Greyhound Bus non stop from Alabama to Idaho, and then put words on screen and/or paper."

So I am inheriting new roles, and new responsibilities, and this year I must study how to add Werewolf Shamanism to my repertoire, and leave the Orthodox world behind!

However, the Literary and RolePlaying worlds, and quite a few shamans of the past, are on my side...

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Looping back to the editorial, I think a disagreement should *not* be a polite gesture!

HOWEVER - what if the style needed is "well, we're both meeting across the Savannah from two different camps, and may we disagree vehemently if we must, but not violently! May your School and/or your Tradition have a Good Showing! Let the Discussion Commence!"

((The Fire Mage and the Water Mage gazed into each other's eyes, and decided they both had eyes... and went from there!))

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Re: Dan's Forum-Editorial

Torgish tau ti
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