Star Thief by Susan Anwin

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Star Thief by Susan Anwin

I enjoy, 'shoot from the hip stories'. This story was definitely one of those.

It flowed well and was a fun read.

As to critique, since it was a 'shoot from the hip' it also was written for today's audience. This story would not fare well forty years ago and as for forty years from now, that all depends on if humans are still intelligent or drooling from being hooked up to drug machines ran by A.I. enslaving them.

And, on a personal note. I LOVE profanity. In fact, I don't trust people who don't swear. Strong (censored, censored, and censored) words speak of a strong personality and character, also it shows an honesty I do so enjoy.

So, Susan, I enjoyed the story.


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Re: Star Thief by Susan Anwin

Thank you so much for the lovely crit!

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