Bookworm by Jim Mountfield

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Bookworm by Jim Mountfield

I feel really sorry for poor Clive, what with that bastard brother Derek leaving him behind to rot on the streets. Down with Derek, I say. Clive and Derek were actually the names of two characters created by Dudley Moore and Peter Cook--I wonder if the writer chose the names as an homage to these characters?

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Re: Bookworm by Jim Mountfield

Interesting story. I seen a sci-fi movie years ago that had a midget living in the torso and another human. The movie centered on Mars and how an industrialists controlled the air needed in the enclosed city. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger was in it.

The intro got my attention, and the story held it until the end. I like the writing in this one. I love the smile: This apparition glided past like a submarine periscope cutting through sea. I used twin periscopes in a story once depicting an alligator patroling the everglades.

As the story unfolded, it was easy to follow and at no time did I have to ponder the actions of the characters to understand the story. Good!

Good story with good writing techniques----this is a story to study!

Great Job!!
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Re: Bookworm by Jim Mountfield

Thank you for your comments, Cushing and Megawatts, about my story.

Yes, two of the characters' names were inspired by Derek and Clive, the surreal and spectacularly foul-mouthed characters created by the British comedy double act of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. In the 1970s Cook and Moore put the improvised, sweary ramblings of Derek and Clive onto several vinyl records, which were strictly for sale to adults only -- so when I was a kid, their records had as much dangerous, forbidden-fruit allure as hardcore punk-rock albums and X-rated horror movies. (I heard that in the 1980s, when he'd become a popular, family-friendly Hollywood star, Dudley Moore was worried that the Derek and Clive records would seriously damage his reputation -- but then he found out that his Hollywood contemporaries actually really enjoyed the things!)

While I'm aware that the Schwarzengger movie Total Recall had a character similar to Derek, the inspiration for him really came from a 1947 short story called Cellmate, by the great Theodore Sturgeon. The co-scriptwriter of Total Recall, Dan O'Bannon, was well-versed in science fiction and fantasy, so I strongly suspect he drew inspiration from Sturgeon's story too...

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