Post March 21, 2018, 09:13:41 AM

A Jar of Whiskers by O. N. Boyd

An interesting story that held my attention. The main characters Detective Cameron Pripp and Detective Wau Barkwell started to come alive to me as I read the story. I wonder what Conam Doyle would have thought of this one since it was set in England? Personally I think he would have been amused. Of well, clues were Doyle’s signature and in this story magic become the signature of the criminal and little clues here and there make it interesting.

Fantasy can be rewarding for it let the author explore beyond the constraints of accepted society. Detective pripp was a human as far as I can see, but Detective Barkwell—I like the bark at the beginning of his name—had a dog’s head on what I suspect is a human body! These two solve the case: Pripp has intuition and Barkwell has a noise for crime. Really what else would a dog headed detective have?

To recap my earlier thoughts, the two detectives came alive to me and that is would made this story so entertaining. The author has the ability to ‘humanize’ a character even when it definitely isn’t human, and that works!

God job.
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