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Shackles and Chains by T. S. Kay and Jeff Huff

This story is creativity at its best. Pure creativity when we realize that there are no monsters, space aliens, time shifts or demons attacking innocent maidens. Just brothers, one older who is supposed to watch his younger brothers because mom and dad work. A little magic with the shackles which are symbolism of what every teenage kids imagines. Teenages get “Don’t do this, you better do that–clean up your room, why didn’t you think before you did that . . . .

When I was eighteen it seemed like everybody in the world was getting on my case. I couldn’t do anything right. If I waxed the car, my dad said that I should have washed it first. And if I washed it, he would say that I should have started at the other end first. Give me a break. Back in those days cops walked a beat, and our cop always said to me, “I’m keeping an eye on you.” That was the 60s —long past but still worth studying. In those days we got a government job without ever applying: The draft! And boy did they get us.

Well, it’s not often that a story gets me thinking about everything in my life. This story sure as hell did! I didn’t have any little brothers, I was the little brother until eleven, my older brother left home and at fourteen my other brother got married and left home. I was ‘home alone’ so to speak then. I got drafted at twenty and went to Vietnam. That’s another story in itself. Vietnam ruined me in many ways because when I came home if I had a comfortable bed, a toilet that flushed, and peace a quiet I thought that I was in Heaven. I needed no more and lost all ambition.

The writing in this story is excellent. The dialogue believable and the characters came alive. I will not give the story away for I feel that all should read this one!!
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