Post March 21, 2018, 01:47:32 PM

Car Trouble by Kent Rosenberger

The story happens within a few minutes as a candy apple painted corvette waits at a red light.

Jessica the driver opens up her mind to her interior thoughts and feeling as she waits at the red light. Within two-and-a-half minutes the entire story unfolds and we begin to see that some creature with tentacles is hiding under a Volkswagens behind her. She tries to help out but can’t. The creature has uncanny hearing and looks when Jessica tries to open her door. The creature causes a flat tire on a pick up truck. Jessica knows the guy behind her is in big trouble but she can not do any about it.

An interesting story; I’ll not go into the main body because the ending opens up to a situation that I’m sure has happened many times: You see or are involved with an event, yet afterwards you can’t tell anybody about it because they’ll either think you're nuts or just a clown trying to tell a big one-----nobody will believe you no matter how hard you try! Consequently, you don’t tell anybody.

I truly wonder how many have seen space aliens and will never mention it? I know I wouldn’t.

Nice job pointing out how we might get into a true dilemma: If we don't tell, it will haunt us the rest of our lives! If we do tell, everybody will think us crazy!

Good Job
Tesla Lives!!!