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Triptukhon by Callum Colback

The first sentence got my attention as I’m sure it would with others. I like the descriptions used throughout this story: how the author used words in sometimes new and interesting ways. A good example is in the first sentence when describing the three moons: . . . juggler’s balls suspended above the horizon in perpetual and barely perceptible motion. It’s always pleasant and beneficial to read passages that have words used creatively, yet keep their meanings. I must admit, I steal good descriptive word choices and incorporate them in my own writing. This story is rich in that area!

Good sensory inputs, I could hear the wind and feel the heat and picture what Ezra saw by combining inputs and descriptions. Sensory inputs were used strategically in the writing of this story and not just some 'add on.'

The story follows fantasy, and Ezra meets what we would expect in that genre.

Before Ezra finds the old man in a cot, we are led though the cabin, and the contents of the cabins is described. By the time we find the old man, we have a good idea that he is more that just an old man.

The remainder of the story builds on that encounter with Lily a kidnapped girl who stabs Ezra after Ezra kills the old man.

Good use of words in this one!!

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