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The Monkey's Paw by Andrew Kanago

Watch what you wish for! Yes, wishes can have a purpose all their own, and if you make a wish, make sure you know who will grant your wish! In this case a monkey's paw with three fingers pointing straight up until a wish is requested. Then one curls.

The intro got me curious about the UPS package. We find that it’s a monkey's paw that will grant three wishes similar to Aladdin’s Lamp, one of the best known tales in wish granting.

The story unfolds from the UPS package and its monkey's paw til the end describing the dos and don’t of wish making.

I like how the show/tell is balanced throughout the story with just the right amount of sensory input. The story is easy to follow and the writing techniques employed can make the reader see or feel the emotions between Maya and Ken.

The spat over the steaks had a humorous feel to it—I can just imagine a couple arguing over wished-for-food that shows up after a wish! The one point I didn’t like about the story was how they fed it to Duke the next door dog to see if the steak would kill him. Duke lived. I’m glad he did; however when we write we should reflect what others might do, even if it’s against our values— I don’t have any real objections with their desire to test the steak on Duke.

The story develops with Maya trying to make their next wish a full-proof contract. She had a pre-law course in college on contractual law and she decided to use legal language when making the next wish.

The remainer of the story keeps developing and is interesting with how a wish—even requested in legal jargon–can go amok.
I think the story is well worth reading, so I’ll not be giving the ending away.

Good story, nice characters--- ones that came alive--- light humor and drama mixed together, and a very enjoyable read.

When you read this story, look for the use of the show and tell techniques and how they help get us into the story.

Good job!!
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