Post February 11, 2018, 09:25:28 AM

Woman’s World by Matthew Harrison

A forceful intro which grabbed my attention a little better than most introduction. From the first sentence to the remainder of the paragraph we have a description that implies power.

This story is a reverse of what a woman might have experienced during the 1950s when men really did dominate the business world, politics, law enforcement . . . .

The men unionize themselves into a male group and demand concession from the women managers and supervisors! I like that since I was once a shop steward at work! Believe me, when we stick together we get things!

The story had a comic feel to it at times and I know some men would just love to be in a situation where women would wink at them at work. And after work they might just get some overtime!!

I didn’t see any wrong word choices or terrible grammar. All sentence were balanced and their lengths varied.

Nice job!

The ending had me laughing when it seemed that the men just wanted a few manly things like urinals! The women seemed to give in to that.

I wasn’t sure how this story fit into Aphelion, for I couldn’t see any science for fantasy in it. This story isn’t too far from today’s headlines!!
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