Post February 10, 2018, 10:17:47 AM

Positive Energy by Susan Anwin

I like all of Susan’s stories. I think she should write a psychological thriller novel length.

The story held my interest. We hear Karen’s interior thoughts and feeling throughout the story, and can just imagine her moods.

Karen has no family, at least ones that she cares for, and her life is just an empty shell. It shows at the workplace----others notice it, but in this workplace the supervises watch closely but not for job performance!

They prey on troubled employees apparently, ones with negative energy or toxic disposition. Maybe they taste better or maybe the loner type will not be missed: no family, no friends! Who knows but Karen by her own pang is a prime candidate for a meal!

It’s interesting in a way that Karen with her troubles got a ‘people type job’ and not one like a lonely security guard or meter maid or some job that didn’t require her to be around others much. But sometime we have to take a job just to pay the bill, as Karen said in the story.

Enjoyed the story and the twist at the end was unexpected. I thought Karen might get fired, then find that in time she was feeling better and better. The toxic ones were the ones around her, and maybe they really were!

Nice job!!
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