Post September 04, 2017, 09:35:47 PM

On Being Held Up Or, On A Path To Madness by Richard Tornell

Richard, you and I have been here a bit with you being here a long time and a long time author of submitting stories and poetry. As such, I've read much of your work.

The one you wrote this month one flowed more as an educational piece and I enjoyed it. You pointed out very good points on how the mind works.

It reminds me of what a retired policeman friend of mine once told me, "Actual witness's to a crime are the worst witness's." He told me that after a crime is committed, and after doing interviews of the witness's, hardly any of the stories match. A red car, a gray car, a black man, a chinese man. Everybody seems to view the scene differently.

I'd say film does not lie but even that is now manipulated.

Good job.