The March 2017 issue is now live!

Tell us what you thought about the March 2017 issue!

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Post March 05, 2017, 05:07:22 PM

The March 2017 issue is now live!

Please read and enjoy our newest Issue.

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Post March 05, 2017, 07:41:35 PM

Re: The March 2017 issue is now live!

Two things (at least) ...

Dan, I will always listen to your video editorials, if only to hear that theme music. That one's got a resonant frequency with the hair on the back of my neck.

Next ... Nate is going to be missed as the Flash editor here, but I'm looking forward to seeing what he creates, because I've seen some of it before, and it is good. In fact, I've selected one of his from the Best Of archives for this month's Long Fiction.

Speaking of which, I see that some of the other editors are being systematic in the way they present their Best Of selections. I, on the other hand, am being more random about it (that's a euphemism for 'slapdash'). I hope that doesn't bother anyone (if anyone even notices), and it makes no difference to the quality; every one of these selections is world-class. Read them and you won't forget them; they're that kind of quality.

Enjoy the riches in this issue, and please comment on the stories and poems. Writers post their work here in hopes of getting feedback, and we shouldn't let them down.
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Post March 07, 2017, 10:16:57 AM

Re: The March 2017 issue is now live!

Love you video editorials. You have a nature and down-to-earth way of explaining things, and with you good-hearted nature, well, who wouldn’t enjoy your editorials.

The intro with the music gives a soft-modern-classical feel to it, and when you come on, it’s more of a resolution to the intro then just a staged appearance. Nice effect! Shows multiple talents balancing themselves in harmony!

Very good job and will be looking forward to your next video editorial.
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