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Down by the River (Pt. 1) by J. H. McKay

A thousand apologies to this author. Real Life kept getting in the way of my reading it until tonight.<br><br>(I'd have gone stark raving mad if no one said anything about one of my stories until now. Shame on all the Usual Suspects, myself included. :-[)<br><br>To give this author some piece of mind, there are some good things in this installment. A few of them are: Vern doesn't start off as that gripping a character, but he grows on you. Now that I've read this far, I want to know what happens to him next. His "visitor" has got my imagination racing as well. What is it? What are its intentions? What does it really look like?<br><br>I have some reservations as well, but I'd like to wait until I read the next part(s) before I do a “full-on” critique.<br><br><br>Nate
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