Sand Ritual by Agnieszka Halas

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Sand Ritual by Agnieszka Halas

I love the tone and the feel of this story: the idea of being willing try anything to crawl out from under the weight of living. Some of the references are a bit obscure making me wonder if I really "get it." I find, however, that the closing images of using the dead leaf as a ticket and being on a train -- a real train in the living world -- stick with me giving the whole story a pleasant, haunting feel.

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Re: Sand Ritual by Agnieszka Halas

Ms. Halas writes with a highly talented blend of gritty imagery and compassionate humanity. I agree with Ms. Stuart --I'm not sure I totally "got it" but feel strongly that sometimes a powerful emotional ending should be slightly ambiguous. Although we suspect what has happened to the protagonist, we can't be sure. It is the skill of the writer that creates just enough latitude to compel us to really think... and to glimpse inside ourselves for the answer. Another skillful and entertaining story by Ms. Halas... thank you!
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Re: Sand Ritual by Agnieszka Halas

We have a story describing the life of one who has Clinical Depression! No doubt about it in my mind. All the thoughts and feeling described in this story confirm that. Clinical Depression is one hell on Earth------I’m sure about that because I knew people who had it! The only way apparently to overcome it is to see a professional, a psychiatrist.

A co-worker had it years ago and fortunately he was able to get back to work in two months before his sick leave ran out. This story is based on one who understands depression and knows others that have it. Anybody who has symptoms like that girl in this story should seek help from a professional.

In the story it is interesting that she is attempting to get help. In the end, the artist kills her which relieves her from her depression!

A well written story based on a real human illness that inflects many!
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