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Fair Winds by T.D. Minton

PostPosted: November 19, 2016, 09:10:41 AM
by Megawatts
This is one of the few steampunk stories that I ever read. I liked the Wild Wild West television series the played in the 1960s. I intend to write something in steampunk but haven’t started anything yet.

An interesting story that also has ties to Jules Verne’s writings. The air ships reminds me of the one in Verne’s Master of the World. However, the story centers on an artificial arm that is powered by steam. I would like to see that in action!

The beginning was Okay, but it could have been crafted in a way that grabbed one’s attention better, but it did work. I like the description of gears whirring—I could almost hear them.

The writing was good and the story ended with a twist.

Nice job!

Re: Fair Winds by T.D. Minton

PostPosted: November 20, 2016, 12:29:53 PM
by KateStuart
I agree with Megawatts, there are some great details in this, and Minton does good credit to the steampunk tradition.

I would have liked to have seen a more attention grabbing beginning, and I felt like the twist at the end fell a little flat. There just wasn't enough about the differing philosophies of the two sides for me to feel any connection to Captain Ainsworth's defection.

I did feel a strong connection to the Captain's struggle to rise up out of the despair of being maimed though. That personal struggle definitely gave the story its weight and I think the ending might have been stronger if it had tied more into that struggle than the political machinations.