We Belong Together by S.J. Budd

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We Belong Together by S.J. Budd

This story had a great psychological element, nice pacing and some good details.

I would have liked more details about Sophie's previous life especially more about what she did that would have caused people to hunt her down.

But I thought Sophie's obsession with Ophelia and with making her relationship with Ophelia work was well done. I liked the journey through Sophie's attempts to be a good mother: the arrangement of movie night, the instinct to check on the child through the night. And then slowly the intrusion of the supernatural: the open window, the warm toilet seat, the writing on the wall. It builds that sense of dread nicely. Then culminating in that tragic twist. Very creepy and a solid horror story.

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Re: We Belong Together by S.J. Budd

I agree with everything that Kate said. However, I would like to have read more showing rather than telling in this story.

Even in a short story scenes can be used, and when used strategically present the reader with
breaks that help hold one’s interest. Too much narration becomes monotonic.

However, the story was interesting! Good job!
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Re: We Belong Together by S.J. Budd

Sophie learns what it takes to be a mother. Fighting against kidnapping and witchcraft to save the mind of Ophelia took great courage, but oh, what an ending.

I loved this. Very powerful!

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