Post October 06, 2016, 08:53:53 AM

Bared by Benjamin Sonnenberg

Here we have an event driven story especially when Bailey and Seth are lost in the forest.
This story reminded me of Jack London’s stories about Alaska’s wild frontier. I had trouble connecting the totems to Sci-Fi or Fantasy!

When the tree tops started moving and Seth felt no wind, that scene didn’t instill any eerie felling in me as, I believe, the authors wanted, even with the blackbirds and the squirrels chattering.

I’ve been on trails here in Western Pennsylvania and have witnessed trees moving under the influence of wind, but never felt the wind at trail level. When hiking a trail that hugged hills, wind can often cascade around the tops of the hills and not be felt on the trail.

The story did fulfill the most important aspect needed in story telling: it held my interest!
If a story hold one’s interest, then it’s a good story. I’ve never read a story I didn’t like if that story held my interest.

I like how the author used just enough description and sensor input. The correct mixture will help to get the reader into the story. Too much will overpower one’s feeling and not enough will leave the reader dry. This story had a good mixture.

I like it. I not sure if it does qualify for Sci-Fi or Fantasy but I did like the story!

Good job
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