Editurial (oops)

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Editurial (oops)

Dan, excellent job on this months editorial (after spell check).

Last months was the best I had read from you until this months. Now you're talking the real truth about what writing is all about.

Saying it, 'like it is', instead of what those charleton 'write a successful story' folks (that get paid for writing seminars) will tell the aspiring writer.

Me likey.

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Re: Editurial (oops)

Thanks Dan, great editorial.

Aphelion has been extremely important to me and I'm grateful. Without them my sci-fi stories would never have been published... but more importantly, their standards ARE high and publication DOES mean a lot. I won't even bother messing around with the big-name magazines anymore. They have consistently rejected my work and probably never even read it. Thanks to Aphelion I have a meaningful opportunity to continue to write and improve.

Dan is exactly right. The most important thing is writing good material and getting it out there. We can still dream of larger success down the road, but without a venue like Aphelion, that dream is more like a delusion.

Many thanks!!!!
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Re: Editurial (oops)

I'd also like to thank Dan for heading Aphelion and for the great editorial.

I've very much enjoyed the fiction on this site and am glad I stumbled across it. It's great to have a community of serious writers and readers. Writing can be a lonely journey, and it's nice to share with kindred spirits.

I'd also like to thank Don Traverso for choosing my flash fiction piece for this month's issue. It's an honor to be a part of this publication. I know for one that I will continue to lurk its corners. I'll be leaving for Europe tomorrow, but will try my best to check out the forums during my travels and of course, the stories by other talented writers.

Cheers everyone!
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Re: Editurial (oops)

I'll add my thanks here too for both Dan's editorials and for Aphelion itself. Spot on with the editorials, encouraging and challenging, like everyone here I'm striving to be as good as I can be and Dan your editorials keep hitting the mark.

The community here is great as is the writing, it's helped me no end and has pushed me to strive harder. To have had some of my work published here is, as everyone else has said, an honor.



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Re: Editurial (oops)

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