It Came Out of the Condenser By George T. Philibin

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It Came Out of the Condenser By George T. Philibin

The writer has a humorous style of narrative that makes the story flow more enjoyably. The blue collar dialogue was believable.

The tentacle monster part of the story was riveting.

The description in the story painted a picture. It was great!

I found some scenes really funny like the following:

"I'm gonna kill that retarded thing! You hear me retarded thing! I'm gonna kill you, you super-retard!" George said. His eyes sparked as he hit the quick release on the crane.

and this...

Then over Bert's radio we heard, "I a gonna kill every last one of those mothers! Hear me retarded-octopus-squid-things! Hear me!"

Very interesting!

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Re: It Came Out of the Condenser By George T. Philibin

Thanks for the entertaining story. I agree about the conversational dialog, well done. We should never forget the millions of hours spent in jobs like these, and thank the people who provide us with little things like... oh, the electricity to power our lives. Crazy things indeed happen on those long night shifts and they are stories worth telling.

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out a few things. Watch "spell check". For example, I think "scrape mental wielded" should have been "scrap metal welded". Also the excessive use of exclamation points can dull the effect they are intended to achieve.

Thanks again for your story and the work and service you have done. America wouldn't be much without people like you. Keep writing!!
Glenn Diamond

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