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The Lost Days by GC Dillon

PostPosted: October 20, 2005, 03:15:28 PM
by unforgibbon
I found this piece far more engaging than last month's PIXIES LAMENT, which I suggested read more like a prologue than a standalone. If LOST DAYS is a follow on, then it works well to draw the reader in for an epic ride. If it's not related to PIXIES, well, it still works well.<br><br>I enjoyed the info on the calendar and loved the idea of lost days (don't know if this is a concept that has appeared in genre print or not--though I'm aware of the Aztecs and other cultures correcting their calendars with ritualized days that didn't really count, ie, lost days--a notion I borrow in my never-before-seen masterwork).<br><br>The writing was strong, with a subtle use of magic, and the characters compelling. I look forward to more.<br><br>Dan E.

Re: The Lost Days by GC Dillon

PostPosted: November 14, 2005, 01:41:15 PM
by Jaimie
This is an excellent story. It’s a shame there aren't more comments. I can't really find fault with anything. Strong plot. Fluid writing. Interesting characters. An amazing concept with The Lost Days. I found it much more satisfying and down-to-earth than Pixie’s Lament.<br><br>One can also tell that the writer has done some research, and it adds significant depth to the storyline.<br><br>Great job on this one.<br>