Initiation by Stephen Faulkner

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Initiation by Stephen Faulkner

There's a lot to like about this story. The setting ... the mood ... I particularly liked the dialogue ... the colloquialisms, the turns of phrase that made it a *different* place.

But, when it was all over, I was left thinking: Did I miss something? Maybe a clue dropped somewhere along the line that I passed over?


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Re: Initiation by Stephen Faulkner

regrehan wrote:But, when it was all over, I was left thinking: Did I miss something?

For me the story was driven by the mystery of what this initiation thing is all about. Consequently the story ends at the final revelation. The hints dropped along the kept me wondering without giving away to much.

When all was over, I was thinking: oh that's why... - Those hints falling into place in hindsight.
That is nicely done. A solid piece of work in my eyes.

Unfortunately right after that for me the story collapsed. While not permanent the initiation has some severe consequences for the initated, lasting several days. Given the time this things seems to have gone on and the number of initiateds I cannot but wonder how such a thing can have gone on for so long with nobody noticing and putting a stop to it.

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