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The Taxidermist by David Flynn

Blood. Blood. Blood. What else can I say! A horror story in almost every meaning of the word!

A father trying to instill a paternal culture in his son, a culture that’s lived within him. We can conclude that the father is a Native American, but he doesn’t know what tribe he descended from! I find that a little hard to believe, since the father is so dedicated to ‘the old’ ways, one would think that he would have researched his heritage! I don’t believe that it is too difficult for a Native American to find which Nation his ancestors belonged to!

I might have made a mistake in my assumption: Charles could have a mental disorder and the world only exists in his head.

Luke seems like a typical American boy. However, here in Western Pa., our typical boys love to hunt with their fathers, uncles or older brothers. My buddy told me that his son always goes with him and, or course, his son twitters out there!

Getting back to whether Charles was insane or not, it’s interesting how Charles saw his son as a deer! I heard that anger can blind one’s judgment, but I never heard any argument that in that state it’s insanity! I’ve seen guys flip out over pool games and throw their stick or pool balls, and I’ve seen a gulf club go flying up in the air after the golfer missed. I was at Giant Eagle, a grocery store, one time a saw that happen across the street at a municipal golf course.

If it were the spirit world, then the spirits must have wanted to teach Charles a lesson. Many interpretations can be drawn out about Charles, and I like how they were presented.

I liked the story. Thought it was a little Edgar Allen Poe and maybe some Lovecraft mixed in together, but not a copy or imitation.

A good story that fits real horror in a domestic setting!!
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