Post August 05, 2015, 01:55:32 PM

Flash: The Wizard by Chris Bedell

Because this month I'm drilling through everything, opening lines are proving important for me to compare.

"I went to bed without dinner one night shortly after my 13th birthday under the pretense of telling my parents I hadn’t been feeling well as I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone had been following me for the last week. "

Not bad, but we're still missing a year. Not only the cell divide but now the social media divide is gonna hit fiction settings! Any more clues ... Maybe it's smart reading to start scanning stories to help get the assumptions down.

The best I can get is "The train honked, waking me up from my dream before rolling into the train station while slicing through the fog." So I'll go with 1880's America.

However, this is an early effort by the writer and it just feels unfocused. So good start, but if there is ever a chance for re-doing it, it might use some work.