Poem: If Only Asleep by Robin B. Lipinski

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Poem: If Only Asleep by Robin B. Lipinski

Ah, the indefatigable Robin Lipinski!

Let's see what's going on this time ...

Well, going backward, visually you cannot but help to notice it ends in R.I.P.! So how did we get there?

It's definitely dark! It's not clear if there are any aspects of a criminal with psychic invasion powers. But certainly someone again on the wrong side of the soul!

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Re: Poem: If Only Asleep by Robin B. Lipinski

Tao, your fingers are on a typing marathon, good job on kicking this months comments into gear. Also thanks for dabbling in the parasite nest, it was inspirational...inspiration? indefatigable? of course, it comes now...

Whole of Perpetual Energy

Holes to make to fill; needs of wanting passion
"Lazy youths," said by each and every culture filled generation
"Get off your lazy butt!" parental exclamation.

Though behind the scenes, holy, bizarre, benign, extreme...
A walk in a world full of holes in the making, to be made, to be filled
here, let me help you see...

Dead tree once full of life to die and live again with insects riddling the core,
woodpecker drilling to feed leaving blackness of vacant.

Smooth road falling prey to the seasons; snow, rain, dust, heat - potholes released to torture vehicle frames.

Holes abound even in farthest space where black holes reign
to the tiniest puncture of the probing mosquito looking inside your skin,
but now i must stray.

Do you remember what goes on inside the lazy youth at the age of 13?
Holes, nothing controls the mind more so than holes ( pick your pleasure as the human body as only so few)
The energy needed
The imagination
Perpetual and overriding this need for creation...

For years this control lasts, for some their whole life is spent in anticipation
while for others growing old the energy changes into coldness and age
where now it appears as energy is never lost and only changes between matter/energy/and dimensional angulations
the thoughts of holes diminish down the rabbit warren to writing words with never ending passion.

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