Post August 05, 2015, 11:57:45 AM

Poem: A Lullaby for the Devil by Alexis Child

There's lot of complex poems this month!

I can only scratch the surface of some of them! Let's try a few notes.

- It mentions the guillotine, which begins to suggest a time and place, but then soon sets the main imagery back near Christian and Byzantine times, which are separate but connected in the early history of the church.

- The title is "Lullaby for the Devil", but the card chosen is the Heirophant card 5, which is one of the Knower cards and in some Tarot systems is moderately softer in interpretation. She could have easily chosen the Devil card 15, but she didn't. Crowley's Thoth Tarot is far darker than the Rider Waite based ones, and I'm not good enough to know the differences between a dark Heirophant and the Devil in the Crowley system.

- There's themes of loss of Christian faith, but in the end I am unable to get the rest of the meanings. I can't tell if by choosing the Heirophant card (the speaker?) is hoping to regain the faith, or if it's a permanent separation from faith.