"A Word in Your Ear: Geek Cred," by Rob Wynne

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Post August 04, 2015, 09:06:28 AM

"A Word in Your Ear: Geek Cred," by Rob Wynne

I don't have a twitter account. How many points do I get?
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Post August 04, 2015, 06:15:55 PM

Re: "A Word in Your Ear: Geek Cred," by Rob Wynne

Good to see another Word In Your Ear!

I'll bring up two other influences on all of this.

First as an aside, I'll mention the No True Scotsman Fallacy. And yes, I'll subvert the topic itself by using a lot of the "non-geek but dangerously superficially useful" site Wikipedia!

Okay, first up, is the Geek Code.
Wiki Version:

Official site:

"Actual" code site:

Next with a "related word" is a subversion of Game of Thrones itself!

--> where they compete for the Throne of Games!

I watched all but maybe the last couple of episodes I haven't gotten to yet, and a disturbing thing showed up there: "Some Nerds are better than others". So Rob's post has echoes of Eric Blair's book Animal Farm.

On the show, it's mostly about "winning games" ... so while they do put in some decent effort to make sure "lateral" skills are valuable, in the early rounds about four of the people with "less useful nerd domains" end up getting voted off.

So, a decent feature! And disturbingly dark.

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