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Until We Part by Rajeev Prasad

PostPosted: June 27, 2015, 04:08:36 PM
by kailhofer
Love conquers all, it seems.

The hope that may be true is what sold me on this story.

Re: Until We Part by Rajeev Prasad

PostPosted: July 24, 2015, 11:03:07 AM
by Cary

It appears that us human males are fascinated by artificial women, as illustrated by the classics from Pygmalion to Blade Runner.

Sometimes the hero is himself a robot as in Karel Kapek's R.U.R. In the present story, it appear's the lovers are something between man and machine. With genetic engineering it is conceivable that human beings can force their own evolution along whatever paths they choose, but Dr. Prasad paints a grim world of technology at the service of psychopathic corporate greed, a vision that morphs smoothly from our present reality into his imaginary world.

It is not a pretty picture. Love Conquers All, perhaps, but as love grows older, love grows colder. The unquenchable thirst for wealth and power feeds on itself and grows until the last heartbeat. Romantic love may inspire acts of heroism, but it will take a more universal form of love to save us from ourselves.