The Fastest Gun in the Veil by Theo Taylor

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The Fastest Gun in the Veil by Theo Taylor

I sat on the fence with this one for a while before I decided to go with this story in this month's issue. It's a true "first person" shooter, but I couldn't help wondering why in that day and age people still had to duel. It lacked verisimilitude in that respect to me. However, I could pass that off as a "that's just what people do" as a fad or trend. People used to fight formal duels in the past, so I suppose they could again in the future. Plus, I could honestly see the desire to prove he was better/faster in the mind of the protagonist.

Still, some other part of me still says, have someone draw Gideon (great name, by the way) out--then snipe him from a distance, if he's that good.
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Re: The Fastest Gun in the Veil by Theo Taylor

Hey kailhofer,

Thanks for reading it! I actually penned the story because a friend and I had a conversation about why duels went out the window, so I just wrote with the premise that they never did. The unfortunate part is that because of the small amount of space I had to write, this isn't even implied in the story at all.

This was also the first time I ever wrote in first person, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out entirely. I wanted a gritty, albeit not necessarily dark perspective with the added idea of how we perceive those based solely on the merits of reputation. Every step along the way something tells the main character that he is metaphorically outgunned, and yet he keeps chasing and ends up in dire straights because of it!

Thanks for the criticism! :D

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