Triumphant Howl

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Triumphant Howl

My first comment on the forum , so I here I go. I finished reading John's story and found it a nice enjoyable story. Fitz being the Governor was a nice ending or possible beginning. Though how Terry figured it out I'm not sure.

I especially liked the like "... It's a monopoly on information. We're all caught in the middle of a deep, dark wood, and we're the ones holding the map."

Very true, yet though the story used space ships going to the asteroid belt, would the ships of Columbus have been that much different?
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Re: Triumphant Howl

A lot of nastiness here, a lot of misery and loss and heartache, the results of the desperate being taken advantage of by the greedy. And yet, the humanity of these people outshines the treasure they're sent out to retrieve at the risk of death. There is indeed triumph here.

Well done, Mr. Webb.
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Re: Triumphant Howl

I simply fell in love with this story, I truly did. I loved the human touches, the lighting the candle, the care in raising the deformed son, and the room they didn't go into--the one with the body bags in it. They didn't jettison the dead, they kept them together as a family.

That's why I picked this story as last month's lead tale.
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