Post February 25, 2015, 03:40:53 PM

Insider's Report by Roderick D. Turner

This story didn't work for me. There's a lot of whiz-bang techno stuff and some vague hints of danger--and tons of deception--but at the end, I wasn't able to sort out who was who or who was on whose side. Belinda is tasked with stealing some kind of high-tech stuff, but since I have no idea who the parties are and what their conflict is, I couldn't get invested in the outcome.

The outcome itself is baffling. Bel plugs in the VR and finds it to be a perfect replay of what she just did. I'm lost, much in the way I get lost in time-travel paradoxes. Call this a VR paradox, then: did she do any of those things in real life, or is this a VR replication of another VR replication--? This is what I didn't like about The Matrix--I couldn't keep track of the layers.

This seems like a chunk taken out of some larger piece of work, and I have no context for it, so I can't discern the plot. Scenery and action are nicely detailed, but it's too much tech and no appreciable humanity.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?