Post February 10, 2015, 01:24:47 PM

Mare Inebrium Archive

I've updated the stories archive page this morning. There might be a couple of recent stories that I missed, however. The e-mail for those submissions would be in my non-functioning desktop computer. I added in Sergio's story from the Dec/Jan issue, my story from this issue, and replaced all the "placeholder" files for my stories that went into the book.

I also added in a pair of thumbnails for the book cover that are linked to my page over on the publisher's website. As for the book itself, the Kindle e-book version sold really well for the first couple of days, then sales dropped off to nearly nothing. The hardback and paperback versions have gone live on Amazon, and the Nook e-book version has gone live on the B&N website. No one has posted any reviews yet, but then it's only been a week since the release, LOL!

Please spread the word!


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