Post January 10, 2015, 10:47:21 PM

Messin' with the Kid by Roy Dorman

Midnight at the crossroads—no one goes there unless she must. I like the way Mr. Dorman’s protagonist moves the story along through her speech. Her conversations with others, and to herself, flow in an easy vernacular. It helps maintain the suspense.

There’s a bit of a shift that I puzzled. Leading into the climax, Beth “felt a heavy hand clutch her shoulder from behind. However, when she whirled around, the surprise was on the face of her stalker.”
Until that moment, the stalker had been invisible. I don’t read how he suddenly appears in the flesh. It is certainly useful, at that point, for Beth to see her target.

The last two paragraphs, like a coda, seem anticlimactic. Allan isn’t nearly as interesting as Beth; the last three sentences about her are the theme of the story.