The Replacement by Roy Dorman

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The Replacement by Roy Dorman

First let me offer overall kudos to Roy. He had already earned a spot in my section for December when I was asked to do selections for "Best of 2014". As I looked back I found that one of his stories made my top 4 and would be included in that group. Upon release I find he got into the shorts section as well. Good job man!


This story is well written. The actual story is horrifying. The bad guy kills and benefits without consequence. Then when we think he is going to get his by being taken it turns out he goes from getting a house and money to possibly being nothing short of a galactic god. Every story doesn't have a happy ending and this one got me because I was thinking sci-fi and you snuck some nihilistic horror into my head. Nice Roy!
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Re: The Replacement by Roy Dorman

Thanks for your support, Eddie. It's appreciated.

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Re: The Replacement by Roy Dorman

I like this cautionary tale. Greedy heir, rich uncle, death by accelerated natural causes, and arrogant nephew gets his comeuppance. I am pondering the conclusion—it’s a bit ambiguous.

There’s no profanity, sex, or violence to disturb the grandchildren. It might even inspire them to respect their elders.

Mr. Dorman again gives us an entertaining story. Enjoy.
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Re: The Replacement by Roy Dorman

This story is decently written, and has a fairly refreshing plot.

My biggest problem with it was the use of quotes instead of italics to indicate internal thought. Once I had that figured out, it wasn't bad, until I got to this:
"Wow," thought Vincent. "We've been using aggression as the 'Mr. Fix-it' for probably a million years and it sounds like these people, except for the few who've studied us a bit, aren't familiar with the concept of violence." He found himself rubbing his hands together and chortling. "If the wrong person, or in this case, me, the right person, could get control of things, he'd have it made."
I'm still not sure if that final quote was meant to be verbalized or an internal thought; the following paragraph seems to point to the latter.

The poor aliens should have done a bit more research before choosing someone to help them out, but at least Vincent is with them now instead of with us.
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