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The Dark Side of Diablo Canyon by Dan L. Hollifield

PostPosted: August 03, 2014, 11:00:45 PM
by Mark Edgemon
Second Place Winner in the Creator and the Catalyst SF&F Western July/August 2013 Writing Contest

This is a very visual piece of writing and for me, I can hear the audio movie version as I am reading it. I like the attention to detail in the character's appearance and personalities, the scene description and the action much of which is unexpected. It is pure poetry, which makes me wonder why you haven't taken up that form of writing.

The subtle nuisances in this story flows over you and is good for the soul. They help the reader to be there in the town of Diablo Canyon, so the reader is more than an outside observer, but surrounded by the action. No wonder Kate admires your writing so much!

It's been a year since I read this story on Creator and the Catalyst, around July 2013, so some of this story seems new. Did you add more to the manuscript?

This is really a work that needs a life after the written page.

Thank you Dan for being out front of the posse of writers in that event. The experience was unforgettable.


Re: The Dark Side of Diablo Canyon by Dan L. Hollifield

PostPosted: August 04, 2014, 08:01:32 AM
by Vila
All I did was correct one typo, LOL! With my main computer still down I had to go to your site and copy the story from the archives. After that, it was just formatting for HTML. So with the exception of that typo, ""and" where I meant "an," it's exactly the same. There is enough world-building in there to provoke a sequel, though. I' love to go back to Diablo Canyon and see what happens next!