A Place with the Trees by Morgan K. Tanner

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A Place with the Trees by Morgan K. Tanner

This is a well written story that I will read again. The ending suggests that the opening scene was not what it appeared.
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Re: A Place with the Trees by Morgan K. Tanner


A good, atmospheric and well-written variant of the body-snatcher trope. And there was a dog in it, so that's a double thumbs up from me (if I had thumbs).

Only spotted one small mistake 'doused', when I think it should have been 'dosed'.

Good use of fore-shadowing. A classic Town with a Dark Secret leading to a A Fête Worse than Death and a somewhat Downer Ending.

The ending left me with a lot of questions. What/who is/are the cult/entity/entities behind this? What was so special about Tom that they had to hit him with a van to get him to the village? But most important of all, what happened to Betty?
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Re: A Place with the Trees by Morgan K. Tanner

One of the things that stuck out most to me was Mr. Tanner's punctuation--way too many commas where there should be periods (or sometimes, question marks), and way too few commas in places they belong. This does bad things to dialog, especially.

This one also failed to work with me as horror, for the same reason an awful lot of horror does: it spends too much of its time going on about how scared the character(s) is/are. This changed at the end, but by then it was too late for me. Hint: don't scare the character--scare the reader.
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