Magician in Retirement by John Grey

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Magician in Retirement by John Grey

I get it. It has a tragic element while keeping in theme. It makes you feel the loss of the man who could do better things and lost that.
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Re: Magician in Retirement by John Grey

And not just in retirement, but *late* in the process.

There are a couple of stages of the Retirement process. A lot of them are age driven, reaching minimum required ages, sometimes earlier from previous life circumstances.

By this point the Magician appears to be truly nearing the end of the days. The topic of dignity here is a key one in elder services care.

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Re: Magician in Retirement by John Grey

I thought this poem was really very good. No wasted words. The set up is that his magical power has waned, but the last line brings it home to the real problem, that he cannot deny his mortality. It seems like fantasy wizards are often concerned with immortality, or conquering death in some way. Look at the various necromancers and liches who can be found in fantasy. Or consider the search for the philosopher's stone, or the elixir of life in alchemy. Immortality is often the ultimate goal/prize of the wizard. So the magician in this poem not only has to come to terms with his old age, but also his final failure as a wizard.

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Re: Magician in Retirement by John Grey

No I see it as a lament of old age, from a standpoint of power once held. A recognition of the cycle of life itself, a look in the mirror.


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